Bill Cosby trial: Benadryl, quaaludes could have affected accuser, expert testifies


A judge in saint louis refuses to throw out the felony invasion of privacy charges against him but as saint louis public radio's rachel lipman tells us the judge also made it clear the prosecutors should be punished for not turning over evidence in the case attorneys for brightens had argued in multiple court filings that circuit attorney kim gardner had not given them evidence that could help their clients the conduct was so bad they said the case needed to be thrown out judge rex bros and chided prosecutors for violating court rules about what they have to provide defense attorneys but instead of dismissing the charge he will allow the defense to reinterviewed two key witnesses and a private investigator the judge says that is enough to level the playing field but he did not rule out dismissing the case in the future if more violations happen greatness has pleaded not guilty to taking a semi nude photo without the permission of the woman with whom he was having an affair the trial is set to start may fourteenth for npr news i'm rachel lipman in saint louis the dow is down one hundred thirty two points or more than half a percent this is npr news a forensic toxicologist testifying for the prosecution and bill cosby sexual assault retrial says either benadryl or quail lutes have may cosby's accuser andrea constand woozy in describing in two thousand four encounter with cosby constant alleges at the actor gave her three unidentified blue pills at knocked her out she says she was then sexually assaulted a cosby's home in suburban philadelphia will cosby maintains he gave constant at the coal medicine benadryl to help a relaxed and that she consented to a sexual encounter cosby previously acknowledged in a deposition that he gave sex partners quayle lewd spec in the nineteen seventies at a conference of fifty three british commonwealth countries in london uk prime minister theresa may told leaders plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the globe larry miller reports prime minister meza's britain will legislate to ban the sale of straws stirrers and other single use plastic products she urged commonwealth leaders to take action as well mesa's only with real change can future generations enjoy a natural environment healthier than the current one may describes the us as.

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