Nebraska Sen. Fischer is favorite amid plenty of opponents


Fox news radio one chris foster their protests in the west bank after sixty palestinians now reported to have died during and after protests in gaza has been a diplomatic fallout as well as being calls for un security council meeting and now turkey and south africa both pulling their ambassadors out of israel as a response you putting it sam bassett outside of the us as well as benjamin hall palestinians today or marking seventy years since what they refer to as the catastrophe their displacement following israel's declaration of independence the volcano in hawaii has been leaking lava destroying some homes is also giving off gas he county civil defense officials say the vents formed by the killer way of volcano on the big island or releasing high levels of sulfur dioxide which may cause choking there's also the danger of people being unable to breathe if exposed to it about two thousand people have been ordered to evacuate since may third telling you jay powers fox news.

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