Victoria Toensing on the Latest in the Sussmann Indictment


We have to discuss the latest developments in the sussman indictments, the John Durham furtherance of his investigation. It seems as if mister sussman, the lawyer for the Hillary Clinton campaign, who manages to get meetings with the chief council of the FBI via text in less than 24 hours, that he doesn't have the best legal team. Because he doesn't have the best. He doesn't have the best facts. It's really hard. So when he was indicted, the one count indictment, which was 27 pages, which is unusual. They came out. The specimen team came out and said, well, maybe baker didn't have a good memory. That was the FBI guy. Or we don't think we said that. We don't remember any later testified that he actually had a client. And then all of a sudden assessment in a filing just about a week ago says, ta-da, here's the text message. You

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