Luka Doncic leads Mavs past Celtics 95-92 on Garnett's day


Spencer Dinwiddie basket with nine seconds left sent the Mavericks to their seventh win in eight games ninety five ninety two versus the Celtics look at dodges provided twenty six points for the mavs including a game tying Trey with one twenty one remaining Dodge was called for a foul on Marcus smart's potential game tying three pointer with five seconds left but it was overturned upon review the rule is also decide if you just use grants not at fault that's why there are so Thomas I knew I was going to be a successful challenge the Celtics ended a five game winning streak on the day they retired Kevin Garnett's number five Jayson Tatum had twenty one points and eleven rebounds but he hit just two buckets in the second half and missed a three pointer at the buzzer I'm Dave very

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