Life Imitates Art With 'Wag the Dog'


Everybody needs to go back and rent the 1997 classic movie wag the dog. In it Robert De Niro plays a political consultant who gets called in by a president who's been caught having sex with a campfire girl in The White House. So in order to the election is in two weeks, in order to distract people, they make up a fake war with Albania and then they film the war and they have Kirsten Dunst and they dress her up as a peasant running with a bag of Cheetos, but later they Photoshop it to be her doll. And they just, they manufacture this crisis out of thin air. That is exactly what they did with COVID. It's what they did with George Floyd. It's what they did with Jussie Smollett with Russia collusion, it's what they're doing now with the Ukraine and I guarantee you if that tragic war ends tomorrow, the very next day, we're going to learn that systemic racism lies behind putting things in alphabetical order. And that using alphabetical order is a continuation of slavery and it was invented by a slaveholders conspiracy and the Catholic Church is tied up in it and we all have to repent using alphabetical order. Now, you think I'm kidding. I just took that from a real headline that said that the Dewey decimal system is systemically racist.

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