What Did Robert Hanssen Get Out of Being An Evil Russian Spy?


We are talking to Lee's wheel. You probably know her. Remember her from Fox News and many other prominent places talking about many things kind of like this, but nothing can top this. She has a brand new book out called a spy in plain sight. The inside story of the FBI and Robert Hansen, America's most damaging Russian spy. It really is nightmarish. And I always say, Lee's that, you know, apart from my faith in God, I don't know how to process this. I think you would just be frightened at how evil the world is, how dark it is. I have to ask you the most basic question. What do you suppose that Robert Hansen got out of this? In other words, it's kind of a funny thing. I always feel that these traders sell themselves extraordinarily cheaply, you know, that China has billions of dollars to spend. And if there's anybody out there willing to kind of give them a leg up here or there, what was Russia giving this man? And again, we want to be clear. This wasn't Russia. This was the Soviet Union, as wicked as it gets. The evil empire, what were they giving him to make him feel that it was worth his doing this because he could have made a decent job doing the right thing. What were they giving him? Right, exactly. Cash. I mean, they were giving him bundles of $30,000, $10,000, $50,000. At one point he asked for diamonds, they gave him diamonds. And he had a cash flow problem, right? Because you can't put more than $10,000 in cash into a bank without alerting all sorts of things. So he would just honestly put it in a drawer. He put it under the bed. And in fact, Eric, one time when he had the cash in the drawer, Bonnie, his wife, saw the money in the drawer. It was like a sock drawer or something, you know, basic drawer like that. She pulled out the money, sees all this cash. She confronts him. This was early on in his spine, confronts him. She thinks it's money for a mistress because he's got he's done that before. Say that again, money from what? We're a mistress from mister. Oh, because he had cheated on his wife. Right. So she thinks that she confronts him. He says, oh, no, no, Bonnie. I'm not cheating on you. This is just money that I got from the Russians for spying. That was better or something. But he did say that to him. Yes, no, he admitted it to her. And then they, but here Eric, here's a twist. It go to their priests. That's what body his wife wants to do. They go to the priest, the priest basically says, oh, that was bad. Don't do that again. It's fine, that is. And you can be absolved from it if you just give them money that you've already made to the church. Which Hanson does, and he doesn't spy for a little bit, and then he starts up again. But the idea that a priest would say that, that basically, hey, you know, don't do that again, that's bad, but you know, it's all okay if you give the money to the church. And that, of course, you know, Bonnie was okay with

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