Jim Hanson and Sebastian Discuss the 2022 Primaries


He is Jim Hansen, the author of winning the second Civil War allegedly without firing a shot. Jim, welcome to the studio. What a wonderful place, dude. I like it. Not enough guns though, right? You know, is there some rule about that? I think we'll find out. Well, we'll do some research that I know we caught smoke cigars. That's the biggest problem, but we'll find out about the Second Amendment. Welcome in studio, we have so much to discuss Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, the border. But let's talk about tomorrow. It's been a rather dirty primary season in the granite state, the Keystone state. Talk to us about so, granite's New Hampshire, the Keystone state of Pennsylvania. We've invited us Doctor Oz on the show while constantly told by his PR team that is very busy. We'll get back to you. We'll get back to you. He seems to be ducking and avoiding media of late. Kathy Barnett, who I've known for years when she first came on Fox when I was hosting the national security moms there on Fox and Friends. Came on Thursday when all the hubbub about her D two one fours and her military service erupted. I asked her some tough questions. She quitted herself quite well. So give us your take as somebody who understands Trump, maga, the swamp, the rhinos. What's your take on Pennsylvania? Anybody but the Democrats? I think all this infighting was not helpful. I think Oz doesn't want to come on your show because you're going to ask him why he's pals with Erdoğan. Why he voted in the last Turkish election why he hasn't renounced his citizenship and why he's not even vaguely a conservative in any meaningful way. I understand Trump like celebrities. Okay, I get it. And he figured name recognition matters. That's a reasonable thing to do. But the problem is now we've got not just a rhino. We've got, I don't even know what he is. He's a no. You know, he's a nothing. And if he wins, he may be able to do it, but I would prefer someone who's actually on

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