Rick Klein's Analysis of the House Midterm Elections


So that's the breakdown of the Senate. They went on then to break down the house and the likelihood that Republicans are going to take control of the House. You focus a lot on the Senate control of the house almost certain to go to the GOP. They only need to pick up four seats. Yeah, and that map right there, you're looking at the narrowest House majority by Democrats in the modern history of the House of Representatives. We know how first midterms go for presidents. None of that has really changed. But what has changed is redistricting. And this is fascinating. Our friends over at 5 38, they looked at every state that's finished redistricting so far. They're not all done. So far they found a net total of 7 fewer competitive seats than just two years ago. Down to just about 33. That means in the whole House of Representatives, you're just looking at this kind of narrow window of truly competitive races. Places where the Democrats and the Republicans are relatively evenly split. So, you know, they know what's coming.

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