How to Respond to the Transgenderism Argument


I had a question concerning the transgender argument. What do I ask my peers in order to basically shut down their transgender argument? And what reasons are to shut down the transgender argument? Yes, sir. If they bring it up. Sure. So it's a great question. So at the root of the transgender argument is a belief that you're feelings can dictate your reality. That is the basis of transgenderism. It is also a rejection of the absolute description of actually who you are as a person, right? So in order to properly expose the fraud of transgender movement or transgenderism, we must apply that to other facets of life, right? So if you can choose your gender, can you choose your age? If you could choose your gender, can you choose your species? Now, people might say, well, Charlie, those things are red herring arguments. They don't have anything to do with it. Of course they do. These are certifiable mental conditions that people have where they think they're younger than they actually are. Should a 50 year old who thinks that he's 50 year old should be able to compete in a youth soccer league with 8 year olds just because he feels that way. So at the core of transgenderism and I'm not making light of it, we should have compassion. We want Jesus for all these people. We want help and treatment for these people is a mental condition. Believing you are a separate gender than you are assigned from birth is called gender dysphoria.

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