What Country Does Mitch McConnell Actually Represent?


Has come out and he has said, look, the most important thing happening in the world right now is the war in Ukraine. What country does Mitch McConnell represent exactly? The country that has the wide open border and a 100,000 plus drug overdoses that has double digit inflation, you see, for Washington, D.C., WarGames are always more important than the livelihood of their citizens. Always. They will always care more about some far distant land than their own constituents. Does Mitch Mitch McConnell as senator from western Ukraine? Or is he a senator from Kentucky that has incredible problems right now? Kentucky's dealing with drug problems, inflation, unemployment, you see Rand Paul, who also represents Kentucky, actually cares about his voters. Rand Paul stood up and said, I represent my voters and I swore an oath to the United States Constitution. And I'm not going to just all of a sudden authorize $40 billion to go to some far off distant land when we do not know what success looks like. Will this bring us closer to peace or closer to war? You see, there should be solutions put forward other than just giving Raytheon Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, complete and total blank checks to be able to have their chance at pillaging the United States treasury. Here's

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