J.D. Vance Shares His Feelings Post-Ohio GOP Senate Primary Victory


Is JD Vance, the U.S. Senate nominee candidate for the great state of Ohio running against Tim Ryan. JD, welcome back to the program. Thanks, Charlie. Thanks for having me. And congratulations, I actually have a chance to tell you that yet. So first just your reaction from your race, you won the shocking victory. I think almost two weeks ago, how are you processing things? How's your race standing now that you're in the general? That's good. I mean, look, the Biden administration has been a disaster in Tim Ryan, my democratic opponent has voted with the Biden administration a 100% of the time. So we feel good about the general. Still got to put in the work. I think the Republican primary the way that I think about it is that it was a referendum on what kind of party do we want to be? Do we want to be a nationalist America first policy? Or do we want a party? Or do we want to go back to the ways of starting stupid wards that we have no reason to be in and shipping our manufacturing base off to China and other countries in the world. So I'm glad that the voters of Ohio rejected the old establishment ways. And I'm excited to take the America first message into the general election. And like I said, I feel pretty good

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