Mahomes leads Chiefs to 42-21 wild-card romp over Steelers


Kansas Kansas city city quarterback quarterback Patrick Patrick Mahomes Mahomes threw threw five five touchdown touchdown passes passes in in the the choose choose forty forty two two to to twenty twenty one one victory victory over over the the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers after after trailing trailing seven seven nothing nothing in in the the second second quarter quarter Mahomes Mahomes directed directed three three touchdown touchdown drives drives before before halftime halftime we we all all kind kind of of talk talk it it was was like like one one person person talking talking with with everybody everybody talking talking to to each each other other and and we we came came with with a a different different agency agency started started at at second second quarter quarter income income I I carried carried it it the the rest rest of of the the rest rest of of the the game game Steelers Steelers quarterback quarterback Ben Ben Roethlisberger Roethlisberger threw threw a a pair pair of of touchdown touchdown passes passes in in the the final final game game of of his his eighteen eighteen year year career career but but by by that that time time the the chiefs chiefs had had taken taken control control with with thirty thirty five five unanswered unanswered points points Greg Greg Ackland Ackland Kansas Kansas city city

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