How Trump Saved Conservatism, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court


Presidencies can be ultimately evaluated in my view as how did they serve the constitution. And you served the constitution by the people you put on the bench. President Nixon's greatest failure is Harry blackman. Lauren Berger was not very good. Lewis Powell was okay in rehnquist was great. Ike's greatest failure was a warrant and William Brennan. Reagan's greatest failure. Though I admire her character, is justice O'Connor and justice Kennedy. H W's greatest failure is David souter. We don't know yet whether W failed when he picked John Roberts over Mike lytic. I don't think he did. I think they're both, they're both friends of mine. And they both listen to the show and so they both should hear me say, I don't think it makes a lick a difference, which one of them was going to be chief justice in the long run, though they have different temperaments. But it is Trump's triumph compared to all those other conservatives to have put on Gorsuch Kavanaugh and ABC, and when someone replaces Matt continental and writes the right in 40 years, I think they're going to hold up as the most constitutionalist person. Donald Trump and having done the most for the constitution understood is the frame of silver around the apple of gold that is the declaration by virtue of the judges and especially by virtue of those three.

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