The Only Way America Can Be Healed Is by Turning to Christ


Let's go to Linda in North Carolina. Linda, welcome to Carl Jackson prime time. You got the mic. Thank you, Carl. So good to speak with you. I've been listening to you I've never heard of you before. And let's now nanny 4.5. But the thing that I love about you the most, I believe you have a very personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. You know, knowing Jesus is like, I tell people, you know, we knew our president Reagan and we know our president Donald Trump, but we don't know them personally and intimately. But when we get to know Jesus, the Jesus, the real Jesus of the Bible, we know him personally and intimately his character becomes our character. And I sense that in your spirit and also one little word will send that what's wrong with our nation, and I've got a little thing to say, sin will take you further than you want to go. San will continue longer than you want to say. And seeing more call you more than you want to pay. A little children's school. Sandy's going upside run to the craft. I had a picture of a cross and mama and daddy in the bottom. And even in my church today, the young man has grown that was in my San Diego class. He said in a church where an Christian school and he asked him, he said, what Bible are you reading from? And he was the only one that did, he said, mom bobbled doesn't say that. But you know, we're walking Bible. America, even before The Walking Dead, we got people that are dead walking around dead. And so the cows they're dead in sins and trespasses. And the only way America can be healed is for 18° water turn to Christ to get to know him personally. And that his character becomes your character.

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