Russian Space Chief Dmitry Rogozin Apparently Threatens Elon Musk


The head of Russia's space agency threatened Elon Musk. Now I don't know what Elon Musk. I don't own any Tesla stock as far as I know it might be in a mutual fund. But I'll tell you what. He's an American who's been threatened by the Russian. So I asked national security adviser Robert C O'Brien to join me this morning to talk about that and big tech generally. Good morning ambassador O'Brien, how are you? Good morning to you, great to be with you. First of all, do you work for Elon Musk? I know you consult for a bunch of big companies is Tesla, one of them, or a SpaceX. No, we don't work for Elon, but Elon feel free to call us. We want to help you. Well, first of all, tell me, what did you think of a Russian official threatening in American citizens? Well, this is a very serious issue. Especially in light of the fact that Russia has a history of assassinating its opponents and so the FBI is almost certainly consulted with Elon. There's a duty to warn that the FBI has for American citizens who have been threatened by foreign governments. And unfortunately, it happens more and more with China ran now Russia getting into this game of threatened Americans. So Elon, I'm sure has great security. You can certainly afford it. But the U.S. because of Elon's role in the Ukraine crisis and the great work that these companies have done really ought to be thinking about supplementing his security, at least giving them daily intelligence feeds and potentially giving him government security to work with his private folks. I mean, this is a very serious threat. Very

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