T. W. Shannon: Democrats Have Made Me Public Enemy No. 1


TW I take it you would be the first African American United States senator from Oklahoma is that right That's right Mark Only bringing that up because I assume the Democrat parties behind you I assume the media are behind you I assume all these groups are behind you Black Lives Matter behind you because that would be historic TW Well actually none of the groups you named are behind me In fact they made me public enemy number one Martin You know anytime you're running against the Washington establishment as an outsider like I am But listen I've never worked in Washington D.C. I don't have the access to PACS and the corporate government teeth that others have what I did when I was Speaker of the House we were formed welfare in Oklahoma We tell people that if you're going to receive benefits from the state you have to work We require to work ethic people to work 20 hours a week If you are going to receive the benefit In fact that model has been copied nationally in other states and even the federal government Republicans have tried it And that made me public enemy number one from the D.C. establishment especially from liberal black groups You know places like Black Lives Matter and excuse me I'm sorry not Black Lives Matter better known as black lying marxists because that's really what they are Those kinds of groups and their worst nightmare because I totally push against the narrative that you can't be successful in this country You can be And if you doubt that Mark if you don't believe me that you could be successful in America Tell me why there are brown and black people trying to get into this country every single day risking life and limb even breaking our laws by coming here illegally because we have a president who won't steal our border and protect Americans When I'm in the United States Senate I will look Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the face and tell them enough is enough We're going back to the constitution This is the land of systemic opportunity It is not the home assistant racism

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