A highlight from Ulti Soch Episode 13: Barso Re

Ulti Soch


Yeah. Popular motivational quotes, Ghana, or moha roka. In some real life. Yeah, it will be so much or may who show knock. English may is simultaneous. Their bark is worse than their bite. Mother milta Ulta air, jahai English kahawae, yami and. Bahia in Diwali may matlab as bolta Raja, who say a Salma Gujarati. Jelly is a bad way. Three years woke her and just say her coach her Tai. Even real life may, as a co op mil Jai, though we are busy shy zada basin nakuru. A sleeve artist. Mother ab suo. Short plaga. Was successful bone ega. But. Taraki, follow those navy vehicles to Disney joke. Shy there comes our logo. As I go in your body, but then. Just go back to him. Example Elijah, mahendra Singh Dhoni, boss advice, a better record kissy captain Kepner. Boy next door. The man next door. Jesse, Capri. Same goes for a regency. Buddha Hindustan unknown rahaya or be who are high. Or woe, excluded leakage, I fame, cotton kurta pajamas, jabu gya, just give up. Silence. As a log have a hot person nothing. Elon Musk, I mean, arrogant Latin. Bark is a karaoke Bill Gates, ja burger or French fries curry thing. To hamara del bar, bag, leg and humility. How many arrogant itun na queue here? Ego tastes. As a logo say, Hamid Richard, they came mehra manna heke arrogant Logan says uncle problem with. Joe could arrogant him. Kisi gago Hamid uncomfortable karta.

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