Roe v. Wade Overturned Returns the Right to States


I wish abortion were illegal Candidly I wish it did that But that's not what it does Because what I want doesn't alter reality It will simply turn the decision of abortion legislation back over to states I mean do you want to be lie to you Do you pride yourself on being stupid all the time To the leftist trying to rile up their base Is this your thing Like on your CV is line number one I'm a tier one level a whole liar This is what I do You're just lying to people That is not true I wish it were true I wish it were We would save millions more lives But that's not what's going to happen Stop lying My gosh Stop lying For once just cut the bullshit and stop lying That is not what is going to happen You are going to have radical far left states dominated by Democrats like Illinois Maryland New York California and Hawaii that are going to pass ridiculous pro abortion laws of encouraging termination of life in the womb up till the day of the birth I believe me I wish that were the case I pray to my lord and save your Jesus Christ every day that people wake up to the abomination of this horror of mass extermination of life in the womb I pray every day but because I pray that doesn't mean it's real right now It is not It is not going to make abortion illegal Stop lying

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