Salem SVP Phil Boyce Details '2000 Mules' Premiere


So you're right, I run the Salem radio network to say it on podcast network and the Salem news channel and now I'm at executive producer of a movie, although it's not me, it's really Salem that's doing that. And we've got a wonderful event last night at Mar-a-Lago. I'd never been, but imagine this is Trump's house, basically, that he turns over to these events, and we had three or 400 people last night, including some pretty big names, you know, Rudy Giuliani was there. Congressman Matt Gaetz, congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, our friend, yours and mine, Mike lindell. I mean, all of the big names were there, as well as the 5 Salem hosts who were in the movie that went out and found the film. They just did a wonderful job putting that whole thing together. Trump spoke for about 35 40 minutes and he gave high price to Salem and thanked us for helping to fund this movie and of course high price for dinesh d'souza who was really the instigator and the mind behind the movie.

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