Breaking Down Georgia's Upcoming Elections and Trump's Influence


And then you have Georgia. And this is where I think the ultimate Trump endorsement power will be at tested at its most roots. I think, look, Herschel Walker and our Senate writes down here. Again, a very open primary, but at the end of it, Herschel Walker is had a commanding lead ever since he got in the race is his popularity. He's known. Nobody really in the state of Georgia who's watched football or anything else in the last 30 years does not remember Herschel Walker as a running back from the university of Georgia who led him to a national damage deal. And husband trophy. This is just not something that is unknown in Georgia and the Georgia football team is very powerful when you look at touching voters or hearing that you played for Georgia football. And again, with the problem coming up with this election in Georgia is the Trump endorsement is very much at play and very much a factor, but there's also the anti endorsement if you would that Donald Trump has made and going after Brian Kemp on multiple occasions. Brad raffensperger Secretary of State, attorney general Chris Carr. He said in endorsed Mark Jones in the lieutenant governor's race and at the same time put out a post saying that he would never endorse Butch Miller, who was the other one in the Senate race. So again, he's played in a lot of races, two in particular that I'm focused on and just to see from a take position is the insurance commissioner's race and the attorney general's rice here. Both Patrick witt and John Gordon, who's running for attorney general Patrick witt against John King for insurance, are facing incumbents in the primary. Right now, internal polling shows that these candidates are struggling with name ID, struggling to get caught up. The Trump endorsement helps them. The Trump endorsement sort of bills over that gap of lack of credibility with voters who don't know who they are with have been running for the tenth district. Congressional seat in this process, John Gordon had been on the sidelines completely, both of them announced their candidacies and get in the race during qualifying time. So this has been a very shortened race for them.

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