Coach Chan Gailey and Doug Discuss NFL Free Agency


Free agency, there are some teams that focus draft and free agency. There are some that tend to focus a lot of agency some tend to do draft more than anything else. How is free agency? Affected or does it affect your draft scenarios? Very much so. Oh, very much, so. If you can fill a whole on your football team via the free agency before you get to draft, then you tend not to push a guy in the draft, then he should be. And so, you know, oh gosh, we're desperate for a wide receiver, then you push somebody up a little bit higher than you should, but if you got one in free agency, now you don't have to make that push to free push that guy up the board. And just so we don't lose trying to cause my age. Okay. Going back to quarterbacks for just a second. Right. Personally, I'd rather have Baker Mayfield than any of those guys that are coming out this year. If I were one of those teams, I'd go get biker might feel before I'd take any of these guys.

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