Show And Tell (MM #4045)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. That's our news story yesterday, the kind of made me shake my head, but while it really didn't because you could see it coming, it's probably happened before. It was a story about show and tell. It's been over 50 years since I was in kindergarten, but I love show and tell. And I don't know anyone alive who didn't enjoy show and tell when they were in kindergarten. They still do it to this day that must say something right there. It didn't go so well for show and tell the other day in a Detroit suburb when a child brought any bottle of Jose cuervo pre mixed margarita mix. You know, the kind that comes in the big jug with 10% alcohol content. And then of course during snack time shared it with four of their fellow students. Now, of course, they didn't tell the other little students that it had alcohol in it. They admitted it later when one of them started getting woozy. The child is going to get in trouble and the child's parents are going to get in trouble and the teacher is going to get in trouble in the school is going to get in trouble. And well, you got to believe, I don't want to say it's happened before, but silly things have happened all the time. I've heard about guns being brought in for show and tell and things like that. And World War II relics being brought in, which were sometimes life hand grenades. That's the sensationalized world we live in today. And that's the real sad part.

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