How Does Joe Biden Get Away With Selling Out Our Country?


Hey dinesh, how is the Biden administration getting by with selling out our country? And how do we stop it? This has got to be illegal. Please tell us how to do it so that we can get somebody in there to take care of it. Well, this is putting things in the simplest and starkest form. And I wish I could provide a recipe and go, listen, you know, here's what we need. We just send in four guys with a stretcher. But no, we're a little bit stuck with this guy. Now this is not to say there aren't things that we can't do to limit him. And but I think the practical possibilities of, let's say, invoking the Twenty-fifth Amendment and let's remember that's kind of going from the frying pan into the fire. You then get the cackling one. Kamala Harris comes in and things get even worse. You're like, please bring Biden back on the good old days with Biden. So just when you think things couldn't get any worse, they sometimes do. Now, with Biden, there are things that can be done. First of all, the GOP needs to be more active in blocking him at every stage. Now, I can say the GOP, the Republicans are doing a bad job by and large apart from the first infrastructure Bill. We have stymied Biden, but we're a little too lenient in letting a lot of his nominees through nominees to the Federal Reserve, ambassadors, various positions that the GOP can be more obstructionist than it is. And I advocate maximum obstructionism. In other words, let's think like Democrats. Number two, we need to work really hard to make sure Democrats lose both houses of Congress in the

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