Coach Chan Gailey on the Impact Dan Reeves Had on His Life


You and I have mentioned an individual and he passed away recently a couple months ago. Dear friend of yours, someone that I looked up to because he coached the falcons and in Washington for his nails Dan Reeves. Dan had a large impact on your coaching career as well. I want to just start a little bit because I think mentors and Friends matter in this world. I think we don't talk about it enough. Talk about how Dan Reeves impacted you and football. Well, we talk about him being a mentor Doug. But probably people don't know we're from the same hometown. So he coached us in little league. He was, he was the guy that came back from college and went out and coached us summer baseball and stuff like that. I mean, the town of Americas would shut down when the cowboys would play when I was in high school. So that's the kind of guy Dan was to me growing up. And then he was kind enough to give me my first job in the NFL. And at the Denver Broncos, I went in coaching the special teams. I didn't know anything about special teams. But he trusted me. And I learned right then and there, that trust is a huge thing in the NFL. You need to have people that you trust on your staff. And I learned so much from him about organization about how to implement offense, defense, how to change thought processes of teams, how to organize practice. Things like that that were so foreign to me, not having played in the NFL. It was, it was an unbelievable experience, and he was a great Christian man. So I got to be around a great Christian man who was a great coach and learned from me and my first NFL job. And it was such a

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