Why Is the U.S. Comfortable Associating With Ukrainian Nazis?


If America had a KKK battalion within our own military. I want you to imagine if we were supporting groups that were Nazis. Well, we are. Actually. It's amazing. It's just shocking to me how the left wing regime media has spent years smearing all of us as Nazis, anyone who dares show up at school board meetings as Nazis and then they fund actual real-life Nazis in Ukraine. And this is not like a slur or an exaggeration, there's a video right here that we see in front of us where there is literally a guy wearing a Nazi symbol in full tattoos with fully automatic machine guns saying in Ukrainian like we're going to go kill the Russians. And so the argument then goes will Charlie, we have to back somebody because Vladimir Putin is evil. I agree. Vladimir Putin is evil. Well then under that logic, why didn't we back ISIS to go fight Bashar al-Assad? What if both sides could be really bad? Now, this is the backbone of some of the Ukrainian resistance in Mari Paul, which is the southeastern corner of Ukraine. The southeastern corner of Ukraine is right within this kind of Russian separatist area. It's where a lot of the fighting is happening. It's an area that Russia really, really wants. It's a port city, so a question that I think is necessary for us is why does the American regime or the people that run our government? Why are they all of a sudden so comfortable with associating with Nazis? Now I'm not calling zelensky Nazi. He's a grandchild of Holocaust survivors. Obviously not. Zelensky's Jewish. But zelensky is partnering in some capacity without right neo Nazis on the mainland of Ukraine. This is

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