Alcohol Killed More Under-65 Americans Than COVID in 2020


There's more and more data that's kind of trickling out that is exposing the vaccine, exposing everything we've lived through the last couple of years. National review dot com more than more Americans, 65 and under, died from alcohol related causes than COVID-19. Alcohol related deaths increased 25% from 2019 to 2020, with alcohol related deaths among adults younger than 65 outnumbering deaths from COVID-19 in the same age group. So let me just first say this. Morally, no problem if you drink whatever, but I do say drinking is not good for you. There's very little upside to drinking. I don't like people that drink too much. I think that it really I've seen an impact lives negatively. This is a thought crime I couldn't care less, especially in politics. There's a lot of drunks in politics. But I say this all the time, I say alcohol is a killer. People roll their eyes the way that we have kind of become socially accepting of what alcohol is in the country. And if you drink no problem, I'm not saying you're a bad person, like fine. Do it in moderation, I guess. But it's technically poison it destroys your body. It does. Again, I'm not trying to say you're a bad person or that I don't like doing that sort of moralistic stuff, but it's a killer. It is, I've seen it destroy lives. I have. And the way that we kind of just kind of normalize it has been been very fascinating in more ways than one. And look, I'm not saying the Bible says you should not drink. That's not true. In the Bible, you are, I believe there's different interpretations. I believe a very moderate intake of alcohol is biblical. I choose not to intake it. That's just my own personal decision. How I'm able to keep the pace I keep, but it does warn against drunkenness. It says the man who drinks forgets the law. There are dozens of warnings against drinking in the Bible, dozens. So here's the story that says more American 65 and under die from alcohol related causes than COVID-19 and 2020. And so I would just like to challenge young people out there that might be unhappy or they might not be hitting the goals they want to hit, which is, can you take 30 days outside of alcohol? I guarantee you'll sleep better, you'll eat better. You'll definitely lose weight. You'll be a happier person, just something to consider

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