Following Jesus Is About What You Give, Not What You Get


Judas thought that following Jesus was about what he was going to get. So he went out and said to them what will you give me? She understood that following Jesus was about what she was able to give. That's why you see missionary biographies have always had the impact that they've had. Sadly, many of them have fallen into the catalog lists of out of print tales of another era. And one of the things that might be done is the on air thing of many of these old stories and good books so that the heroes of the past might become contemporary for a new generation. So that, for example, CT stud who gave up a fortune that was his by inheritance and went off to Africa with the story of the good news, his father had been converted. As a result of the visit of moody and sankey, his father was phenomenally wealthy and stud when at Cambridge, he played cricket for England, he was, it was far better than The Great Gatsby. That's where he lived. That was his whole experience. And he actually turned his back on all of that in order to go to Africa, but he gave away his fortune and kept some bite for his wife. His wife found out about it. She was really angry because he had given her a little poem. She was supposed to say in the morning with her devotion. She was supposed to say, dear lord Jesus, you are, to me, dearer than Charlie ever could be. He wanted her to understand that so that when he died, she would know that her best friend was Jesus. And she said, why do you keep all that money back for me? He said, well, I wanted you to be okay. She said, do you think that Jesus can only look after you? And he can't look after me, give my part away as well. And so they gave it to they gave it to general booth of the Salvation army. At what was the kingdom logic? Here it goes. This is CT stud. If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice that I could ever make for him could ever be too great.

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