Shorthanded Sixers win...LeBron like before


AP sports I'm check Freeman the quarterback carousel is happening in the NFL Matt Ryan is the latest on the move the twenty sixteen NFL MVP was dealt from Atlanta to Indianapolis for a third round draft pick of the NBA where Philadelphia did not have key pieces Joel Embiid and James harden who sat out with injuries still the Sixers had enough to power by Miami in the fourth quarter one thirteen one oh six lebron James went back to Cleveland scored thirty eight leading the LA Lakers past the cavs won thirty one one twenty light schedule in the NHL Brad Marchand's goal in the O. T. with the Boston over Montreal three to to make the mackinnon scored in the O. T. as Colorado beat Edmonton three to the Minnesota wild trade for Chicago goalie Marc Andre Fleury's baseball Ryan McMahon agrees to a six year seventy billion dollar deal the state of Colorado seven women's college basketball teams advance to the Sweet Sixteen top seeded North Carolina state along with Michigan Tennessee Notre Dame Ohio state Indiana Arizona and UConn Chuck Freeman AP sports

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