Why the WHCD Is a Waste of Time


Were you at The White House correspondents association dinner on Saturday night? I was not now. I won neither. I wasn't invited. I went 6 years ago and said, this is really, this is the regime. This is the gathering in of the over class. And I'm using that advisory. It's just the permanent government. I don't think it's a deep state, like turkey has or like Russia has. I think it's an over class. And they get together once a year and they celebrate their over a class Ness. And it's not very classy, but it is dominant. You did not hear much about the founding values that you would see held up at restoring America. So my question is, who is going to write for restoring America? 'cause you can't to go to that dinner is almost to take you off of Tom Rogan's radar, I think. Well, you know, obviously, I think one of the issues here, you know, people like to go work with some are examiner, racist, of course. There are some great reporters, but that group in Kellerman, I think, look at The White House press briefing room, right? That it does pervade. So we're showing America it is a work in progress. What we want to do is just build up some of the top thinkers in conservative thought, both on the kind of think tank side, but in media. We've had politicians already senator Rubio's written for us and Andy McCarthy, I hope, is going to be starting writing for us a Deborah so on some of the social policy areas. John Bolton, got a piece. So really what we want to do is just try to attract these thinkers and say to them, what are my key pictures is I can pay, I can pay people to do it, which they deserve for their time. And secondly, I'm not going to edit you and my colleagues are not going to edit you excessively. We want you to make a robust argument and feel free to kind of run with it. Again, because what is the central plank over restoring America as idea? Free debate, dialog discussion,

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