Is Biden on the Verge of Losing Hispanic-Black Base?


Interim, we've been doing some research here about the black and Hispanic voting base, there's an article here from Paul bedard, Washington secrets columnist for the Washington examiner. It's headlined. Biden on the verge of losing Hispanic black base. So there's some new polling that's out of McLaughlin and associates, which is a GOP polling firm. But they are very good at what they do. So, you know, the pieces of fairly good job here in Paul bedard is a great columnist with the examiner. But starting at a former president Trump, we started seeing this erosion of the blue collar Hispanic and black voters. Now, much ink has been spilled much cable time has been devoted to the erosion of the white working class base. This is the if you want to say it's a JD Vance voter in Ohio and West Virginia, Indiana, in the Midwest, right? These are the former union die hards that would vote Democrat, the blue dot Democrats, but they would stick with the Democrat party. We saw that erosion with Trump. Now, much has been made of that move. But what's happening right now is I would call it a tectonic political realignment and we're seeing it because blue collar working class Hispanic and black voters are starting to trick, not even trickle, but to gush says Bernard. Giving Republicans not only a good chance, but a probable, likely slam dunk chance in both the houses of both houses of Congress to quickly lock down their own ruling

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