Big Tech's Job Is to Gaslight You, Stop You From Watching '2000 Mules'


Win Their ideas are fruitless They have only produced death and destruction That is all they've done They have produced nothing but body bags and death and destruction the left Every single time they push this big government government centric totalitarian model of government the body bags and the starvation pileup Yet they continue to shove it down your throat All of this garbage every single day The only way this is allowed to persist is by gaslighting you constantly about the left's destructive agenda It is the only way and gaslighting involves lying lying often lying confidently and isolating you from the truth This is the role of big tech This fact checker thing is not a joke anymore It is become their pravda Jack booted thug method of isolating you from the truth and stopping you from seeing things They are they will not let you see this film Because they are terrified of you starting a very even people who questioned everything Donald Trump said If you see this film 2000 mules you can not with a straight face look at the 2020 election the same way again It is clear as day what they did to fleece this thing It's clear as day The evidence is overwhelming in the movie

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