Bird Feeders (MM #4044)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. Two or three weeks ago I was talking about the rise in cases of bird flu, which is going to cause our chicken and turkey prices to go up because those birds are being affected greatly. But bird experts are now saying we need to do something about it to help stop the bird flu, and it's kind of weird what they're asking us to do. But I guess maybe it's not. They say, if you have bird feeders outside for the birds, or even have a bird bath, don't fill the bird bath with water and take down the bird feeders. Well, if we do that, how are the birds going to eat? They're going to have to go find their food. And yes, it's true. They're going to have a hard time finding food. But here's why that's important, because what it does is it doesn't give them a place to congregate. One bird with the bird flu coming up to a bird feeder can infect all the rest of the birds no matter what kind they are, and they infect others and they infect others and how that works. So if you have bird feeders, if you have a bird bath, you may want to take time off this year. At least for two or three months, hopefully after two or three months, we can go back to normal and everybody can put up the bird feeders and their bird baths again. Something I would have never thought to think about, but it makes sense.

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