Gatestone Institute: A Final Warning From Arabs to Biden


There was a piece in the gatestone institute international policy council Website By Khalid Abu tome And it's really quite compelling It says in a message directed at the Biden administration and the other western powers involved in the Vienna negotiations This is with Iran Led by Russia on our behalf the Arab country said that Iran and its terrorist militias are continuing to create chaos and instability especially in Iraq Yemen and Lebanon The Arabs including the Arab League are telling the Biden administration that in their view is not only Iran that threatens their security but also its terrorist proxies Including Hamas the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen The Arabs are clearly worried about the financial and military aid that Iran is providing to the terrorist groups Any deal with Iran will further strengthen these groups and encourage them to step up their terrorist attacks The Arabs are also worried that when Iran obtains nuclear weapons they will sooner or later find their way into the hands of terrorist proxies And other terrorist groups including the Islamic State that's ISIS and Al-Qaeda

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