The Left Employs 'BLM Tactics' to Cancel Putin


In the wake of Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the left has come up with a take that Vladimir Putin and the fake take that is nothing other than cancel culture. In other words, Putin were going to be canceling you the same way that we cancel conservatives in the United States. This is the you could almost call it the BLM tactics. Now taken to the level of the global stage or to put it differently, the culture war is now overtaken American foreign policy. Revolver news puts it very well. They call it George Floyd ism converted from a domestic cudgel into a foreign policy doctrine. And I must say this is actually a very surreal to watch because there are such close analogies between what the left has been doing to domestic critics. In this country, going after a racist, some people who question the transgender movement and the idea is let's cancel them and cancel them how? Well, number one, let's throw them off social media. And number two, let's try to take away their banking privileges. And then let's put them on a no fly list. In other words, let's try to ruin them from going about their normal life. Remember Michelle malkin came on the podcast talked about how she and her husband, her husband, by the way, it was nothing to do with politics. They're banned from Airbnb. They can't stay at an Airbnb when they travel. So all of this is very petty and very nasty. And yet it might seem like something that is being used at home in America as a kind of inside or internecine political tactic against opponents. So it's a little bit odd to see this now being elevated to the foreign policy front. But exactly the same tactics are being used against Russia.

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