Dinesh D'Souza Joins Charlie to Discuss His New Film '2000 Mules'


With us right now is a great American patriot who has done so much in just the last decade for the cause for liberty, dinesh d'souza, dinesh great to see you. Charlie, it's a real pleasure. Thanks for having me. Of course, we're here at a turning point action dinner about to talk about your upcoming movie. We also both have podcasts with Salem first yours is the dinesh d'souza podcast, right? Comes out every day, is that right? Exactly. I do it, I do it audio and video, and I've been doing it now a little over a year, and so I'm relatively new podcaster, but really enjoying it. Awesome. Tell us about the movie. We've talked about it. A fair amount on this program, but no better person to talk about it than you? Well, I think it's my most important project of all the movies I've done. So this is number 6 of the documentaries. And I'm sensing around at the same kind of electricity I felt around the first movie, which was my Obama film called. Really broke the zeitgeist. Yes, the second most successful political documentary of all time after behind Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9 11. But I think this movie like that film pulls the curtain back. And the first film that was a puzzlement around Obama, Obama was doing all this stuff that seemed to undermine America and it just seemed, is this man so clueless that he keeps giving away American interests. And so there wasn't a good framework to understand Obama. So I got on the plane, I went to Hawaii, I went to Indonesia, I went to Kenya, sort of discovered the real Obama. And here, this is a movie that's not called 2000 meals. It's not about a person, but it's about a burning issue that is surrounded with a veil of censorship. It's about an issue that's on. It's almost like it's haunting the American mind. And I don't think we can really go forward as a country without learning, perhaps not all the truth, but at least some of the truth. And by truth here I mean, documentable, provable facts about the 2020

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