Jen Psaki: Can't Find Baby Formula? Call Your Doctor.


The Biden administration has things under control. Not to panic. Circle back has the answer on her next to last day today is her final day before she becomes an MSNBC star. Which compared to the Fox News ratings, that's a little bit like being the tallest little person in the room. But she will be an MSNBC star where she belongs. After months and months of spinning for Joe Biden, listen to what she said, when one of the reporters said, well, what are we supposed to do? What are women in America? Supposed to do who desperately need baby formula for their infants. If you thought it was a public health question, which agency should that question be directed to just the very practical immediate question of if you can't find formula and you need it for your baby to eat. What should they be doing? We would certainly encourage any parent who has concerns about their child's health or well-being to call their doctor or pediatrician. Take two aspirin, call me in the morning. Albeit MSNBC in my makeup in my makeup chair. Getting ready for my close up. Call your doctor, moms, but he's supposed to call your doctor.

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