Today Show 70th Anniversary-Today Intro and Wrap


A a milestone milestone today today in in morning morning television television N. N. B. B. C. C. news news this this is is a a special special edition edition of of today today seventieth seventieth anniversary anniversary the the today today show show first first aired aired on on January January fourteenth fourteenth nineteen nineteen fifty fifty two two with with Dave Dave Galloway Galloway as as the the host host co co host host now now our our Savannah Savannah Guthrie Guthrie and and Hoda Hoda copy copy but but Guthrie Guthrie was was not not on on the the set set today today she she tested tested positive positive for for the the coronavirus coronavirus Savannah's Savannah's always always front front center center I I mean mean she she may may not not physically physically be be here here but but we've we've always always had had a a name name but but eight eight thousand thousand times times and and this this is is just just one one of of those those unlucky unlucky moments moments where where you you happen happen to to get get you you know know get get Kobe Kobe during during this this moment moment al al Roker Roker has has been been delivering delivering the the weather weather on on the the today today show show for for more more than than thirty thirty years years it's it's not not an an act act yeah yeah you you know know you you see see that that on on TV TV I I think think a a lot lot of of places places of of tried tried to to manufacture manufacture that that it it but but I I think think it it speaks speaks to to the the seventy seventy years years speaks speaks to to the the the the the the the the genuineness genuineness of of what what goes goes on on in in Studio Studio One One last last night night the the lights lights on on the the Empire Empire State State Building Building in in New New York York or or in in the the today today show's show's trademark trademark orange orange I'm I'm at at Donahue Donahue

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