We're Witnessing the Age of Transgender Tyranny


Living through something that is an accelerated pace of change around a topic quite honestly that my opinions are very strong on, but I don't want to spend nearly as much time as I'm spending on this topic. I just don't. It's a very important topic. It's one of the most important topics because they're making it important, but it's not exactly in my personal opinion. The thing I want to just labor over and over again, but we're leaving really us no choice. And that is this entire topic of what is a man and what is a woman. They're forcing the hand. And it's in the last week, you know, I sat down with our team, I said, what a week. I mean, the last week we have Thomas, who has won the NCAA championship as a biological man, won the women's swimming national championship. That happened. And if you even spoke out against it, or if you push back against it, you would be potentially banned from social media, ridiculed the media just kind of acted like this was totally normal, perfectly fine. So that happened, I got banned from Twitter a couple days ago for not even misgendering somebody but dead naming somebody, dead naming, essentially, is using the name that a trans person had before they transitioned, somehow it's a form of harassment to dead name somebody. To use the name from someone's birth certificate, and by the way, I wrote it on March 15th, and I was banned on the 22nd. And so you have Thomas who wins the NCAA championship as a man and we're all just supposed to accept it. You have Ricardo Levine. Is that his name? Ricardo or Richard or what? Is it Richard? Ricardo Levine, kidding. Find rich. I'm not dead naming if I say Ricardo, right? Rachel, whatever. Levine. Which were supposed to act as if it's perfectly normal. It's fine who basically calls out the alphabet mafia schwarze or shock troops to come into the streets of Twitter and just purge anyone that dares dead names them.

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