Lawmaker calls for investigation of Oregon ballot fiasco


A state lawmaker in Oregon is calling for a formal investigation into a ballot printing fiasco that will delay results from Tuesday's primary by weeks in the state's third largest county As many as 60,000 ballots in clackamas county are unreadable by vote counting machines because a blurry barcodes The good barcode at the bottom is very intense black ink with crisp lines The one that's bad at the top is got some white wine It's got a little more figured out in the barcode area County elections clerk sherry hall says the process to count the ballots is painstaking It needs to be duplicated as exactly as the voter voted there original ballot There is a key house race in that district in Oregon Jamie McLeod skinner has the lead in the democratic primary We just expect all county offices to uphold the integrity of our elections Hall says she's used the printer for ballots for ten years without any problems I'm Ed

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