Kash Patel: Fake News Media Is Influencing Legislation


You know the power of the media to dictate a narrative is incredible You look at this fictitious Bill in Florida It doesn't exist called the don't say gay Bill There is no such bill There is no bill that prevents anyone from saying gay It's an absurdity It's made up But it's just weird You have these media outlets and you and I have had to deal with media attacks over our work in spygate and the collusion oaks for a long time We're pretty familiar with how this works They'll say far right cash Patel right That's not media journal That's an opinion Cash Patel is not far right Cash Patel is a liberty lover who believes in like maybe we shouldn't spy on presidential candidates But they do it all the time They report on this bill It's almost to the point now cash where when people like us talk about it you almost have to call it what they want you to call it or no one will know what you're talking about The parental rice Bill otherwise known as they don't say gay Bill But if you call it the anti grooming Bill I don't know no no you can't call it that Wait wait you just said it was a don't say gay Bill So what is it I mean you are not allowed to editorialize their power is really incredible to dictate where the country is going narrative wise No you're totally right And that's the shit They're changing legislation That has been passed by elected officials and signed as a democratic process by a governor and they're changing the narrative That's how powerful the fake news media And all they want to do is stand up guys like me and you is say oh you know fontina and cash are calling it X Y and Z they must take gay people This is their version of Jussie Smollett in this LGBTQ Bill It's just insane And that's all it is And for you know just think of that Dan For the first openly gay cabinet secretary in U.S. history by the way appointed by Donald Trump No big deal In Rick for now He's coming out and saying this is the Jussie Smollett moment for the for them And that's how far the media can carry the narrative unless guys like you call it

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