Biden and Pump Price Shock


W and I wanted to do a segment together on Biden and gas. Now, to be clear, we're not talking about the time when Biden released gas when he was in London, giving Camilla Parker Bowles a virtual heart attack. No, we're talking about Biden and gas prices. Gasoline. Gasoline. And you and I were chuckling because as an article in CBS News, this is how the media regurgitates the propaganda of the administration. It's called three reasons why gas prices are so high and when they might come down, right? So we think, okay, well, they're bound to emphasize a couple of reasons, but surely one of the three reasons is going to have to do with Biden's suppressing domestic energy production, right? Wrong. There are three reasons that they have nothing to do with any of this. So basically, I go on Facebook, every once in a while and post things, and I thought it was so telling because in my feed, I had, you know, I was looking at different posts of people arguing about who's responsible for the price of gas. And so it got me thinking and I was like, you know, everyone please send me photos of your pump when you fill up because I want to see how expensive it is for you to fill up. And my goodness, I got some great photos as I'm going to post some on the video portion of the website of the website. Oh, the podcast. So people can see most of them are over a $100. And we talked about this. People that make minimum wage. That's like their whole day. That's like working 8 hours to pay for gas. It's ridiculous. But anyway, so I was very, very interested in what people are saying. And of course, our side says one thing. The other side says, Biden is not responsible for gas prices. Stop being that way, even my own little darling daughter tells me that it's a global issue, but I think she's been listening to TikTok a little too long. Well, the Biden administration, which I guess is trying to reach this call for the 1825 cohort has been briefing these TikTok influencers, right? It's kind of a oh, and their influencers all right. They influence a few people that I

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