Gen. Kellogg: The World Isn't Talking to Biden Like They Did to Trump


So I had general Kellogg on the program on Sunday I do notice mister producer when I have guests boy they are cherry picked by other hosts like within minutes I had general Kellogg on a few months back I wanted to hear fresh voice as somebody recently in an administration The Trump administration advising a president of vice president national security and so forth With a fresh look at this And we had a little chat about it And in part here's what happened Cut 21 go You know Mark here's the one thing that concerns me right now because there's always a diplomatic off ramp to any conflict You'll notice that everybody is talking to president mccrone of France or all I've showed some Germany or they're talking to others around the world They're not talking to the United States Why are they not talking to the United States We're sitting on the back And they're looking on the back bench sitting watching what's happening because they don't have any trust and belief that this president President Biden can pull it off I guarantee you they'd be talking to the president Trump I guarantee president Trump would have been front and center It's also interesting to note that in the last four presidents just not the last two But when you take when you take Biden and when you take Trump and when you take Obama and when you take a bush before him the only country that Putin did not the only president that Putin did not take land when he was in office was Trump When you look at Bush he went into Chechnya when he had Obama and Biden as his vice president They went to Ukraine now with Biden's gone into crime And then we got into Ukraine now under Biden never happened under

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