Dr. Jeannie Constantinou on the Identity of Mary Magdalene


We're talking to eugenia Constantino. The book's crucifixion of the king of glory. I hope you will get a copy or several copies. Jeanne, you've done it's a masterwork and I'm just so thrilled that you wrote this. And I hope you're going to write many more books. But I was just talking about you say at some point in the book that in Mel Gibson's the passion, which, in many ways, I think, is a magnificent movie and a work of devotional art. It's not like, hey, you want to see if a movie get the popcorn. It's a work of devotional art. But the identity of the Mary talk about that. Well, it was Mary Magdalene, of course, is the most famous of Jesus's female disciples. And unfortunately, in Mel Gibson's movie, he portrays her as the woman accused of adultery that is very famous story that Jesus saves from being stoned to death, and then she becomes his follower. Well, Mary Magdalene was not even a prostitute. And of course, this is something that's probably going to be surprising to a lot of your listeners or viewers because this is sort of become western tradition that Mary Magdalene was a former prostitute. And the first person ever to say that was a Pope, unfortunately, Gregory the great Gregory, the first who lived around the year 600. 600. Yes, so this is the 14th century's long screw. Yes, yes. Totally. And he made this up and identified herself. Unfortunately, western Christians identify with her as a sinful, former prostitute, I would hate to have somebody say, you know, 600 years later that I was a

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