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This first story is about dark Phoenix. And last summer, we learned the dark Phoenix was going back to Montreal for re-shoots. But sources told us at that time that contrary to reports a whopping three months of additional photography. That's a lot right there. They were simply going back for two and a half weeks of re-shoots on the third act of the movie. However, now we're finding out that, that might not. Have been the case in April. We found out the dark Knicks, the dark Phoenix ending was being changed in re-shoots from a space setting to a climax that finds the X men kidnapped and on a military train. Now, we've got James McEvoy telling Yahoo UK that the ending was changed because it was too similar to another superhero. Movie, here's the exact quote the end of dark v. Necks changed a hell of a lot the finale head to change. There was a lot of overlap and parallels with another superhero movie that came out a while ago. And we had no idea that we were dot dot dot com. Trailed off their you know the quote just ended. So let's jump into this, but before I even ask for your opinions, we gotta check the live chat, because there are a lot of people chiming in on whether or not they're planning on even seeing dark, Phoenix. David Jordan, Darrow says got my tickets already reviews. Don't stop me from seeing any DC or marvel movie has called for twenty said got mine. I ten minutes they went on sale. Sale. Kyle Johnson says I'll probably get my tickets next week going in cautiously optimistic. So back to that, quote now what movie do you think James McEvoy was referring to is pretty obvious was captain marvel especially when we talk about the difference in design of dark Phoenix, Jean grey taking away, making less flamy more different in that approach? So it seems to imply plus the train sequence we saw in captain marvel we have that in the trailers, and of course in the movie as well. So maybe there was a lot of that involved here as well. Trying to take away any kind of reference to cap the most he was the most obvious choice. Yeah. Especially when you consider the change in the setting of the third act to from cosmic to on a military train moving away from the cosmic aspect, and that's the thing that before Jeff Thompson here. I don't know if I buy this explanation to be honest with you have a couple of sources who saw this movie early cuts move in March of twenty eighteen and they tell me that the ending was already on earth. So I don't know if this is their way of. Hey, we pitched you space movie, but we had to change it because of that. And so now it's on the ground, I wonder if they're doing a little PR to cover their butts. I don't know. But it seems odd to me that they would say, oh, we're just gonna put it on the ground. Now. We don't want it to be Spacey when people had seen in the first an early cut of this film, and it was already on the ground in front of a certain monument in New York. So I dunno. I thought it was aqua man now there it is. Yeah. I you know, are you signing that sarcastic? It's nice. I don't know what the original ending was. I don't know what the new ending is other than it's on a train. I have no idea what movie could. All right. So even though we don't know specifically how dark Phoenix is going to end nor should we really right now before we even see the movie another question that comes from the story is should a movie even be changed for this reason. Because to me, it sounds like oh, hey. Maybe they should have taken a little more time to develop the story creatively so that you don't run the risk of having. Other movies out there being too similar to your own. That's a good point. Yeah. I don't know. I feel like we saw two different asteroid movies, we've seen to differ Truman Capote moves. It doesn't matter. It's about quality. Can you deliver the goods, even though the you may vote another movie? I don't think it really matters. It's a matters. Can you do it? Well, that's what as at the end of the day, a lot of movies have seen that feel similar to other movies, but they do a distinctly different and make it work with the organic structure of their movie. So I, I don't think it's a way to change things. Dark Phoenix was originally slated to come out before captain marvel anyway, right? So it's like they kind of had they beat captain marvel tha that ending. So why did they switch you know they don't think it's train. Yeah. Something, something doesn't add up to me. And this goes back to Jeff Snyder, the reporters number one rule for being a reporter, which is don't believe anything in actor tells you don't know anything. Well. To be fair. There's there's no to being there to James McEvoy. Things that were debating right now, whether or not their true aren't the specific things that James McEvoy pointed out and said the finale had to change. He was in saying, you know, we changed it from the cosmic thing to the, the trains. Right to stick to maga- voice, quote. I am of the mind that if it is, too similar than than. Yeah. I'm okay with a change. I'm okay with them thinking we have to change this differentiate ourselves in distinguish ourselves in the marketplace, particularly not being a movie that's going to do as well as captain marvel. If that is, in fact, the movie that we're talking about here. So I'm I am sensitive to those creative issues and I don't blame Kimber for wanting to go back and tinker with it. But yeah, I'm with you John, that a lot of this. This is just so much PR on the entire X men franchise, including the next film, which we'll talk about soon, which I don't really fault them at because this is a lame duck superhero film, none of these actors are going to come back and play these characters again, in the MC you Disney and Disney marvel trying to recoup as much as they can from this film. So they're doing this PR pushing I wouldn't put it past someone like McEvoy or fast bender to, like, okay, I'm going to speak about. These are the points. We'd like goes to hit. Okay. I'll do it as part of the PR programs. Part of promoting the movie. No prob. Problem. But I don't fault them. They want to make as much as possible gonna talk about new means a little bit. Same thing. They're just on recoup as much possible for they move on. I got. No. I don't fault them. I just wish I just think people can see through this.

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