An Interview with Actor Doug Hutchison


Next guest has a wonderful film. Fi most notably his performance in nineteen thousand nine hundred green mile was probably wanting should have been nominated for certainly one should've one. He is one of the best actors on the planet. I consider him a friend. And this is our second take part two of directors that he has worked for his name is Doug Hutchison. Doug, welcome back part two of part two. Derek? Thank you. Thanks. It's good to be back. And thank you for that very flattering introduction. I appreciate we've talked about the academy. And I'm not gonna you know, go over beat the beaten path again. But you know, I just I was looking at the top two fifty today in the green mile as I want to say twenty four, you know. And it's probably yeah. But it should be a lot higher than that. But. No. I just I looked at you know, I just I'll never understand how they nominate people who gets nominated and so forth. But you definitely that's Deborah for anybody. Who knows even king anybody who knows who follow Stephen King? They know that you you that character. And that's not always the case, Stephen King movies or characters people. You'll miss the Mark, by many cases, you know. I appreciate that. Thank you. I mean that that means a lot to me. But you know, it's interesting. I we already had a show the academy that we don't have to rehash our quandary about the whole, you know, political aspect of it. But actually, I'll send these articles to affect you. Find him. I'm sure they're on line actually have scrapbooks stuff. Stuff that time. But Warner Brothers was actually pushing me for a nomination, and I have a few of their ads when they were pushing the and then something happened. And I think it was in house at one brothers. That's by as least what I was told by then manager and probably soom happened. But they were also pushing Michael Clark Dunkin, and they could they were pushing both of us for best supporting because they wanted, of course, best actor to go to Tom Hanks. And so anyway, I think somebody is finally went wait a minute. Would we doing here, we're we're splitting our vote if we're nominating nominating to actors from one movie? We're splitting our vote. So they ended up deciding to go with one actor for best supporting out of the green mile, and they went with Michael. And you know, it was I I won't lie that that I was excited. You know? Of course when it was. Seemingly happening. But when they made that decision I won't lie was disappointed. But I think they made the right decision. Be only because you know, Michael, not only put in amazing performance. But. It's very rare. If you look at the academy's it does happen. But it's know like Anthony Hopkins the silence of the lambs at cetera and that that amazing actor in. The old man. No, no country froze men ill country for old, man. Who's that have Gordon day? I think didn't he win or something? Yes for that will use Boquet. So it does happen that they'll go for the quote, unquote, Zilin or bad guy in the movie, Denzel one for training day. You know, he played a corrupt cops, blah, blah, blah. So it does happen. But more often it the the want. The winners are the ones who are playing the protagonists the heroes the the sympathetic characters the the actors who are you know, like playing real characters like Capote and Jamie, FOX when he did rage. Ray Ray, Charles. He don't things like that. So so it didn't surprise me faced with the decision. Wonder brothers decided to go with Michael. So I was happy for Michael, you know. But I I really was you know, we were all keeping our fingers cross. But. Active. Pretty funny story about that. But maybe for another day since we're gonna talk about directors. But when we were at the same awards, something kind of strange have. Thout save it over yet though. No, I won't know thinking of your time or some other actors Michael fast bender and twelve years a slave, which is one of the best movies historical ever. Yeah. He was nominated for. Yes. So yeah, it definitely happens. But you're right. It's kind of rare for it to happen. It doesn't

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