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How are you doing i'm quite pockets and you are listening to the to shop talk show public how good of a nice how chopped into this like a how the devil oh yeah i could decide about you so i never gonna side coming over coming up in a comeback of close we're gonna come back where we have a break but i i it's a break 'em ferocious raisins book is a thing right if i can't do this to the best of my ability and and bring you you know hopefully gold fantastic interesting episode then 'em i'm still gonna do it on our burn out and i kind of needed just take a bad time out just to to look after myself and get back now we are back i'm sat here in the slot in manchester the beautiful produce grass is just to my left is very nice and uk which is just recorded an episode where they amazing moving christie now as we go into it we have been discussing this was such a long time and i know she's been a name that's been on did around on social made yet asking us to come on over the last few weeks i've set up a lot of abreu really interesting people are gonna come on and have nots and that's why i'm gonna they were gonna carry on doing what we do bringing these episodes into a second yeah the second to shop adia and the rest of the year he's gonna be about a trust me sonus msf thank you for all you lovely emails you'll mount messages of support on social media and you'll a salt trust and you know the amount of people said you know low will miss ship or just you you take all the time the innate and then come back how we haven't taken too long i don't thanks how only thought the same a couple of long time since i've thought i and a bit nervous about coming back because you know you you get off the whole thing you don't know whether you can still write about the fucking terrible analogy but you know what i'm going with the but will back and it feels ready ready go on i'm thrilled to bring you on this incredible episode with moving christie this these ice hour and twenty minutes and there is not a moment wasted it's of course as we old episodes we don't follow up how it's a it's a conversation and you we touch on some fat it goes deep very quickly as a m through through no signpost end of awesome sl form of and they just kind of happened in the the most lovely organic way possible and i'm so pleased that we did 'em which which on some radium pulling issues twos and we really get to know who move and is where she's been more importantly where she is now so self down or get on the treadmill whatever you do get on the trading block all those with the people out because this very very happy to say he's episode eighty seven of the to shop podcast with amazing multi state lawsuit about dr construct great locations for loans or fought off oh before as i mean if i could just get through two lanes in a run that we create just like lord my expectations that far just because it's not that is the men to you know like you you don't move through the day they and you just watch everyone get certain de energize and that kind of like the way of like oh you know first duty is like contentious hearings got out and it had like two planes and he's like you know everyone's just kind of is that thing that thing is like they're not being a drive through the day okay but still not next year on that next shop incomplete next like that that thing i love that film in the pace going on there was a writer and told her yeah i think a new today when we were talking about guys going doing this well how long we've got to talk to abolish ice over years yet you know why oh because i think it's been quite a lot longer than that yeah because dan ryan like i did that joke with john were coming up to start.

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