William Barr, Democrats Clash Over Robert Mueller's Report


Four year here. We're going to go over William buyer attorney general in congress speaking before the Senate Judiciary committee Democrats, making fools out of themselves bars, basically running circles around the mainly because he's not adult and this entire charade where William bar. The attorney general is supposed to be some sort of corrupt actor covering for Donald Trump's guilt on obstruction of Justice. It's just asinine. The report is publicly available. There is no cover up. What the hell? Are you all talking about that in just a second? Plus a little bit later on in the show. We're going to be getting to Arthur Brooks, he's going to be joining us from the American Enterprise Institute will ask him about Venezuela. We'll ask him about the state of domestic politics as well. And we will be talking about a city Denver which now wants to give homeless folks the rights to camp anywhere in the city. Can't see how that goes wrong. But let's get direct to the actual testimony by William bar in these. Senate Judiciary committee today. So click forty-three William Barr says correctly that the intense focus on his summary of the report is mind, bending -ly. Bizarre. This is obviously true. So the fact is that if you remember the time line Muller turned in his report to William bar William bar, then a few days later issued a four page letter over the weekend, he should four page letter summarising, the findings no collusion, and he says in the letter that Muller had not said whether from should be prosecuted on obstruction. He declined to make a recommendation on prosecution, but in his view, there was no evidence sufficient to lend itself to a successful prosecution in that case. And then a few weeks later the entire report is released. And so we all see it now. And nothing bar said was a lie. Nothing bar said was untrue. And yet Democrats eager to suggest that secretly secretly. Even though Muller didn't recommend prosecution secretly Muller wanted to recommend prosecution and William bar secretly decided that he was going to question on behalf of the various from administration, and that he then released a letter that undercut the conclusions of the report, which is now publicly available, and we can all read which didn't have to do by the way, never release

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