Missouri abortion clinic to stay open for now after court order


Missouri. So remaining clinic that provides abortions will remain open for now. The license for the Saint Louis Planned Parenthood clinic had been set to expire at midnight after the state declined to renew it. But a circuit court, judge has granted a temporary restraining order. Allowing the silly to keep up rating at least until the hearing on Tuesday, Missouri. One of several states were lawmakers have passed restrictions on abortions this year, but Nevada's taking a step in the other direction NPR's, Leila, Fadel reports on an abortion rights measure signed into law Friday. That is democratic governor Steve select signed the trust Nevada women act. It makes more accessible by removing requirements that had been around for decades until now in Nevada, the doctor had to explain the physical and emotional implications of the procedure. Doctors also are no longer required to record the woman's age and marital status. The new law decriminalizes supplying women with medication that induces abortion without the advice of a doctor, the law passed in the Nevada State assembly, the first majority female legislature in the country, and it was a largely party line vote after signing the law governor Cecil said it repealed outdated criminal penalties for

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