Riot Games reveals Mordekaiser's new abilities


We finally have some gaming news and it's the title I messed up on a way back when while yours your first look at league of legends. Moi Decatur, and I did again, more Decatur rework now. It's been on the cards for a while now while champion producer rive in Mireles announced, now that the master of metal would be getting a new look earlier this year, he's needed a change for significantly longer than many of, you know, I think he did do an earlier tack. I swear Hughes rework not too long ago. While we now have a better idea of what form that will take any post earlier today. The developer gave us our first look at the champions, new abilities while significant chunks of his kit are pretty standard there undergoing some major changes, either his w nor his e will remain the same after the update the most notable change. However, is to his alternate ability, while Mordecai, there has been in the past able to conjure ghostly version of the champions are dragons that he. He helps to kill that set to change Mordecai's new ultimate realm of death is the solo Lanier's dream, letting him take on a champion of his Tuesday in one on one battle to death while but further ado, let's take a look at those new abilities now is passive is called darkness rise mortifies, basic attacks deal. Bonus magic damage after three attacks against the champion darkness rises deals damage to nearby enemies in gives movement speed until more. Kaiser is out of combat his Cuba's called obliterate Mordechai slams down his Mace dealing damage in an area or bonus damage to a single enemy is w is indestructible the evil overlord absorbs twenty five percent of damage taking in damage dealt casting once generates a shield with this value. Mortifies can cast again to consume fifty percent of the shield for health is e is now called death grass. It's a passive where he gained twenty five percent. Magic. Penetration. I guarantee you that was going to be changed in passionate Donald, but if it's active a deadly claw Drake's enemies towards him dealing damage now. What about his new alternate are well, Rahm of death. Mordechai banishes, a single enemy champion to the death realm for a seven second, one v one ceiling eight percent of their core stats if he kills his target, he consumes, their soul keeping their partial stats until they respond now to be honest relocate with that, while the Q N W particular, pretty much the same but desk, grap desk, grasped should help offer some much needed crowd control. Now. What the heck kind of ultimate exists borrows pretty heavily from the yu-gi-oh animated series shadow round, but well gloss over that in favor of the seven second one v one net. Mortifies challenges his enemies to interesting to see how that plays out. It's really anybody's guess, but it will certainly be fun to seed in action as for one you'll be taking your own trip to the death realm kind of uncertain right now. But it's very possible. We could be getting our first look in the lead up to patch nine point one to so keep your eyes on the PB next week. So who seven second one one against Moore to Kaiser? All my goodness. Does that mean I can play Garin I can queue silence smash with alternate with sword raining down from above going up to the rings. Why won't get any stats from that? Bubby. Pretty awesome one v one. Nobody also see or will they see it. But they won't be able to do anything about it, because we'll be immune to interacting with them until seven seconds are up. Interesting rework the to be sure of. Is that apply to now? Dragon and barren or is it just the civically champions, while? We'll find out more, obviously wants me no

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