8 Ways to Use the Word 'Collaborate'


Today's word is collaborate. Would you like to know what it means? It means to work jointly for an activity or a special project or to form an alliance or the team with M English speaking radio channel loan one, you would every day and impressed the world in these English were cabinet lesson. You will learn how to use the word collaborate. Leah sure that this ESL lesson will help you to enhance your English book, gab, Lori and speak English fluently and confidently collaborate is felt as C O. A B. Are. D E, the word collaborate is used when some person ordinal denies ation walks jointly with a Nado for the common cause, for example, often pharmaceutical companies collaborate with local healthcare centers to administer free vaccination to patients who cannot afford, expensive medicines. Wow. Wasn't it easy to understand the meaning of the would collaborate listen carefully how we can use the would collaborate in eight different situations in eight different sentences example, number one of eight messes, Kaya made beautiful fashion jewelry. It was necessity for the product to be available to allow customer base Hanes. It collaborated with a stocking and distribution company to make the products available nation. Invite moving onto example, number two eight the collaboration between a visa company and a cold drink manufacturer was a win win situation. Both companies benefited from this, and there was an enormous rise in their revenues lettuce understand. Example, number three of eight the farmers and Mara, Stroh were looking for collaboration in techniques that allow farming but very less used of water, they came across a video made by a group of Israeli agree culturists on the subject soon. A group was formed on social media and information was exchanged, can you relate with any such project for, which you have collaborated with someone? Moving onto example number four of eight the national Chess Federation decided to work on enhancing, the popularity of chess across the nation for this pope. Is it entered into collaboration with the team of Russian grandmasters, who would visit India to promote the game of chess? Do you know that over three lacked professionals students and homemakers have learned to speak English, fluently and confidently at B M English-speaking institute? Log onto our web site WWW dot we m consultants India dot com for more information. Example, number five of eight these days, the digital media, and movie makers collaborate to ensure a reach of the movie to the masses. This definitely enhances the revenue from the movie, moving onto example, number six eight for any country. The foreign tourists are a source of foreign exchange. It has been observed that the national tourism board, the locate will operate and hotels, collaborate to attract larger number of tourists by offering comprehensive to packages lettuce understand, example number seven eight with each passing year. The number of Indian students going overseas for higher education is increasing. This has prompted the Indian education institutes to collaborate with foreign universities to offer affiliated. Action programmes moving onto example number eight or eight Christmas was around the corner, large volume of shopping was anticipated. Hence a leading credit card company collaborated with the local shops to offer special discounts to the shoppers for using their credit card.

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